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Picture of the Streakin Family

Mr Jess Streakin


At Willow Creek Ranch we strive for excellence in the breeding shed. Through our state-of-the-art breeding facility we have developed one of the highest conception rates in the industry. Whether your mare requires cool-shipped semen or careful handling at Willow Creek Ranch you can rest assured that your mare will be given the best chance for conception.



Willow Creek Ranch takes great pride in our consultative services. Whether you are looking for that next great broodmare or the All-American winner, we are always glad to assist you in that endeavor. Remember Justin Robb will be at all of the major sales to help with those decisions. Please, always feel free to ask for our advice.



At the 120 acre Willow Creek Ranch, we provide year round boarding & turn out facilities. Whether you need to board your mare & foal or just need a place to turn out that champion two year old, we have a place waiting for you. Wide open paddocks & large mare motels are tops in the industry.

Genetics That Will Pay